Supporters charter

Article 1: I am Rossoverde, I am a supporter

The Rossoverde subscriber is, above all, a fervent supporter of the national football teams in all sections. Their primary goal is to voice their support during all competitions, regardless of the teams’ results and regardless of the stakes. They commit to providing unwavering support to the national football teams.

The Rossoverde subscriber commits to respecting the values of the association and to supporting our national football teams with joy and good spirits. The subscriber must not, under any circumstances, display hostility towards other association members, players, stadium staff, law enforcement, or any other officials of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation. The same applies to referees, opponents, and their supporters.

Article 2: The State of Mind of the Rossoverde Subscriber

Rossoverde subscribers are the guardians of the image of the Rossoverde association, and even of Morocco in general.

As a Rossoverde subscriber, they reject all forms of violence and do not respond to provocations from opposing camps. These guidelines apply inside and outside the stadium, as well as in the countries they visit to support our teams while respecting the local populations and their customs.

Article 3: Subscriber’s Attitude

The Rossoverde subscriber commits not to wear any jerseys, emblems, or any other items referring to a football team other than the Moroccan national team.

The Rossoverde subscriber distinguishes themselves by their commitment in the stadium; their fervor and enthusiasm should serve as an example to other supporters worldwide. As a Rossoverde subscriber, you commit to giving your best in the stadiums to be a motivating factor for our national football teams.

Article 4: Benefits of Subscribing to the Rossoverde Association

By subscribing to the association, the Rossoverde subscriber benefits from the following advantages, to the best of our ability:

  • Access to logistical support for organizing group trips.
  • Placement in the Kop Rossoverde with other association members (subject to acceptance by match organizers).
  • Access to ticketing reserved for members and subscribers in the case of agreements with organizers.
  • Access to the sale of exclusive products reserved for members and association subscribers.
  • Any other benefit that will be announced in the future and is not mentioned in this document.

Additional Information:

Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in warnings, suspension, or even exclusion from the association without a refund of the membership fee.

The rules mentioned above apply to both subscribers and their companions.

For minor subscribers, the charter must be signed by the adult subscriber responsible for the minor.

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